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Product & innovation training for progressive in-house teams

Dramatically boost your product and innovation outcomes, productivity and speed.

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Rapid Alignment

Stop wasting time, money and effort.


Quickly move from ideation to execution.

Productivity + Creativity

Efficient, inclusive, energised meetings.


That drive progress.

Actionable Outcomes

From complex problems.


Focus on the right problems.

No more delays, wasted effort, or more missed opportunities

In a world filled with failed products, endless meetings, heaps of ideas but no execution, and ambitions without pathways, we provide an alternative.

Our training is for individuals and teams who want to dramatically enhance the quality of their innovation, productivity, and speed.

The way you currently work is holding you back.

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Upskill your team in innovation, problem-solving, decision-making and collaboration

Imagine a world where you are known as someone who can innovate successfully and get things done.

You're not wasting valuable time, effort or money, and the projects you work on progress swiftly.

You confidently navigate the complexities of your large organisation and work feels positive and enjoyable.

Well, it's totally possible with the right mindset, methods and tools - the same ones used by the world's best brands!

Your products, solutions and innovations will be loved by customers – earning you internal recognition and supercharging your career.

Innovate more successfully

Methods and tools used by the world’s best brands.

De-risk your solutions

With design thinking, prototyping and validation.

Fast, efficient progress

Get stakeholders aligned, focussed on the right things and committed early

Structured collaboration

Great ideas outshine the loudest voices.

Ultra productive meetings

Easy, reliable and repeatable practices

Innovation superpowers

Better solutions and faster execution.

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How our training works

Gain the confidence to solve, create, make better decisions, collaborate, innovate and make progress faster!

Step 1

Team Kick Off Event

High energy launchpad into learning.

Remote or in-person.

Step 2

Hands-On Training Events

Learning by doing for immediate confidence.

Remote or in-person.

Step 3

The Innovator's Toolkit

Access 35+ high quality, detailed lessons with written summaries and key takeouts, and 100+ tools, templates and resources.

Step 3

Post Training Coaching & Q&As

To embed learnings and enhance confidence.

Remote and recorded.

We help the world’s best brands innovate

What our students say

“Hands-down the best professional training I've ever received. I wish I'd learned these topics earlier in my career."

Lead Product Designer Pharmaceutical Multinational USA 
"The Toolkit really helps bring the right voice to the table to collaborate and work faster."

Innovation Lead
Medical Research Corporation USA 
“I really like how easy it is to start putting the learnings immediately into practice in your day-to-day job."

National Airline UK 

Equip your organization with a more innovative, and agile workforce

Step 1

Get in touch

We'll assess your team's innovation goals and context.

Step 2

Innovation Training

Customised for you team.

Step 3

The Innovators' Toolkit™ Access

Access the same methods and tools used by the world's best brands.

Step 4

Apply & Transform

Revolutionise your team's approach to innovation and access ongoing coaching and support.

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Why train with us?

Our clients are some of today's most successful and ambitious organizations in the world. We’ve taught them how to do what we do—internally, independently, and on demand—by sharing our proven practices, tactics, and tools for collaboration and innovation.

And you can learn them too. 

Whether you are an individual looking to 10x your value and supercharge your career or a team aiming for collective lift and impact, we have practical, high energy, hands-on training you can start using from day one.

Our training arms every learner with a world-class mindset, methods and toolkit to innovate specifically within the complex world of large enterprises.

  • Swap theory-heavy training for practical tools.


  • Give people the ability to do their best work, enjoy collaborating, and make robust decisions - faster.


  • Quickly and effortlessly upskill staff in innovation, problem-solving, decision-making, and collaboration. 


  • Hardwire design thinking, diversity, and inclusivity into everyday practices and workflows.


  • Equip your organization with a more innovative, and agile workforce, who produce more and progress quickly.

Our product and innovation training options:


Enterprise Innovation Bootcamp

Product Strategy Sprint Bootcamp 

Enterprise Design Sprint Bootcamp

Innovation Facilitator Bootcamp

Keynotes and Conference Breakout Workshops 

Product Team Capability Coaching

The Artificial Intelligence Lab 


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Always practical

Learn from real experts

We don’t just read from a script. The same people who run Sprints for the world’s most successful brands also deliver your training. This means you get to hear great real-life examples and learn from the experts.

Learn by doing

We believe learning happens best when you get your hands dirty. We give you a realistic sandbox to learn in through trial-and-error without needing to worry about consequences.

Always a bias for action

Each learner receives a curated, expert-vetted collection of innovation exercises, workshops and Sprints. Each tool works on it’s own but can easily be combined with others and contains everything learners need to get started.


To use in meetings as ‘swap outs’ replacing unstructured and unproductive discussion. 


To solve common business challenges, like project scoping, challenge framing, alignment, ideating or problem solving.


To solve complex innovation and product challenges. For example, the Design Sprint.

Always valuable

Get the proven recipes

Breakthrough innovation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of battle-tested methods, refined tools and proven methodologies. We give you these easy-to-repeat recipes to put to use immediately.

Be confident after we’ve left

We give you 100+ step by step templates and guides to tackle many of the challenges you’ll face day to day. And our training is followed by real time coaching on live projects to give you all the confidence you need to get started and keep going.

Alway inspirational

Be Inspired

We disarm any scepticism early on with the right dose of inspiration and proof. This isn’t a typical corporate training that leaves you jaded and bored. Instead, you leave on a high, ready to adopt new ways of working!

Be Energised.

We bring the energy with us! We inject energy into everything we do so every participant is in the right frame of mind to learn and love the training — a big credibility boost for building innovation capability.

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